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Update from Crathes Hall Board of Trustees

Following consultation and endorsement from the Crathes Community, the Trustees of Crathes Hall have spent a significant amount of time and effort over the last few years exploring the options that would enable us to build a new hall.


At the outset of this project nobody could have envisaged what lay ahead. The Covid pandemic & ensuing lockdown, war in eastern Europe, Brexit and the ongoing cost of living crisis have meant that sources of funding that would otherwise have been available to us, have basically dried up.

As a result, the cost of the project itself has risen massively. The new hall was originally calculated to cost about £650 k but has now risen to over £1 million, that being a conservative estimate.


At a recent meeting of the Board of Trustees, all available information and options were discussed. 


Despite the initial optimism and hopefulness, less than £50k has been raised to date.

With that in mind, the Trustees agreed to cease the project to build a new hall at Crathes.

They also acknowledge that money already secured was done under the auspices of funding the new hallproject, however it is hoped that those who made significant contributions will support this decision. These individuals will be contacted, and options discussed.


Whilst this decision is hugely disappointing, the Trustees focus will now turn to the existing hall.

We need to identify what requires to be done, not only to futureproof and improve the fabric of the current building, but to develop what we have.

Opportunities do exist for us to apply for support with specific items such as insulation and improvedheating etc. and all these options will be explored in the fullness of time.


Whilst the Trustees act with the support and consent of the Community, it is hoped that anyone in the Community of Crathes, or further afield, who loves the Hall as much as we do, will help us by suggesting what facilities or areas they would like to see within the current hall or even a slightly extended one.


Any suggestions will be appreciated and considered by the Trustees moving forward and can be sent to



Crathes Hall was built in 1929 following a gift of land from the then Laird of Crathes Estate.

Since then it has been at the heart of the Crathes Community, hosting many diverse events and acting as a meeting place for local residents.


It continues to thrive at the centre of the Community but unfortunately is beginning to show its age. When constructed, little thought or consideration was given to providing a legacy venue for the area and so was not insulated or built with materials intended to last beyond the turn of the century.

In 2018, Crathes Hall Trustees undertook an evaluation of the comparative value of refurbishment against building a new hall. 

Following extensive building and tree surveying, architectural and Community Consultation, it was decided to pursue fundraising for a new hall.


However, as explained in the update from the Board of Trustees, it has been decided to abandon the new hall project in the face of rising costs and diminishing sources of funding.


We are still keen to receive donations for the hall refurbishment.

The Localgiving page can be found here:

It is an excellent way of contributing, however much you can spare, as it enables the hall to gain the Gift Aid contribution from HMRC as well! 

Other fundraising opportunities include the Easy Fundraising site that enables you to contribute via the companies you use when doing on-line shopping. It is all set up, all you need do is log into the link, register and shop away!

here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

The companies that are signed up to the page, will give us a donation for every purchase made through their site. What could be easier!!

See this very short video that explains how it works.

We also receive donations when you shop with Amazon Smile.  You can access Amazon Smile directly at or through the easyfundraising site.

In Amazon Smile, click on get started and input our charity number which is:

SC043007 (note all zeros not Os) then shop as usual. Any associated Prime benefits that are applied to that email address will be applied to your AmazonSmile account.

If you would like to help in any other way, please make contact with us through any of the options on the CONTACT page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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